Chromic BAC 5019
Chromic Type 1 Non Dyed
Chromic Type 1 Dyed
Sulfuric Type II Non Dyed
Sulfuric Type II Dyed
Hard Type III Non Dyed
Hard Type III Dyed
21' Tank Line

Chemical Film Coating

Chemical Film (Alodine) Clear & Gold
Chemical Film (Iridite) Clear & Gold
21' Tank Line


Enamels, lacquers
Primer Coatings
Epoxy Top Coatings
Epoxy Primers
Fuel Tank Coatings
Solid Film Lube
Water Base
High Solids


MPI Fluorescent Wet Continuous and Residual
Pre-penetrant etch
FPI Type 1 Method A and B Level 3
FPI Type 1 Method A Level 2
Rockwell Hardness
Electrical Conductivity

Barrel Finishing

Cadmium Type II (Olive Drab)
Cadmium Type I
Cadmium Type II
Cadmium Type III


Cadmium Type I
Cadmium Type II
Cadmium Type III
Cadmium On Stainless

Chemical Cleaning

Passivate, 300 Series
Passivate 17-4, 400 Series
Titanium Clean
Caustic Etch or Cleaning Aluminum


Alum Oxide
Glass Bead
Plastic Media